13 Nov 2012

Fall and Winter Home Maintenance Tips

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The trees are almost bare, that familiar “V” bird formation can be seen in the sky and rumours of a visit from a large man with a beard and a red suit are all abuzz: there is no denying it, Winter is on its way.

Have you done everything you need this Fall to ensure your home is Winter-ready?


Here are some Fall and Winter home maintenance tips to prepare you and your home for a safe Winter.

1. Clear eaves/downspouts of leaves. Also clear any sewer grates at the end of your driveway so that any melting snow can easily drain
2. Put the shovels and a container of ice salt/melting product near the front door of your home so you can safely access them when needed
3. Change/clean your furnace filters (this should be done monthly during winter season). Consider having your furnace inspected by a qualified service person
4. Have chimneys inspected for obstructions
5. Ensure smoke detectors are working and ensure you have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home — furnaces and wood-burning fireplaces could cause deadly emissions
6. Be prepared for being snowed-in: do you have a good supply of flashlight batteries, canned goods and maybe even a generator for power outages?
7. Make sure all air vents are not being blocked by leaves or other debris such as lint, snow, or overgrown outdoor plants (and continue to monitor for snow blockage during the winter)
8. Cover the air-conditioning unit outside and shut off power
9. Disconnect garden hoses (shut off exterior water supply) and store
10. Clear out your garage so that you can park your car in it. Imagine not having to clear your car of snow every morning! Need help with this? Enlist the help of a Professional Organizer such as Rightsize and Organize Inc. to help you declutter and reclaim this valuable space.

And let’s remember our seniors: if you have a senior loved one or neighbour, consider helping them prepare also.

Do you have any great tips to share?

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