Home Staging

Home Staging - Rightsize and OrganizeIf you want to optimize the sale value of your home, you should consider our Home Staging Services prior to listing your home for sale. We will assess your home and recommend changes that will ensure your home appeals to the widest range of buyers.

If you are a real estate agent who wants to sell your client’s property for as much as possible, in as little time as possible, you should contact us. By offering a home staging consultation as part of your listing service, you will be highly regarded as a full-service agent. We know how to tactfully and diplomatically advise your clients about the changes and improvements necessary to sell their home.

We work with the homeowner’s current belongings, and within a reasonable budget, to create an inviting look that will make the home irresistible to buyers.

Our process includes a walk-through of the home with the home owner or listing agent with a focus on:

  • Decluttering, organizing and editing opportunities
  • Furniture rearrangements
  • Focal points and vignette creations
  • Depersonalization
  • Curb appeal enhancements
  • Cosmetic repairs/replacements
  • Neutralizing options (e.g. paint or window coverings)
  • Lighting, artwork and accessory additions
  • Accentuating positive aspects of the home

Following our walk-through, we provide a detailed, written Staging Report outlining all of our recommendations to get the house ready for sale.

Upon further request we can work directly with the home owner to help implement our recommendations.